The Rarity of PINK Diamonds

We give a few quotes about the rarity of pink diamonds, from well informed sources.

One of Nature's Rarest Gemstones
The Gemmological Institute of America, probably the world's most trusted source or information about gemstones has made the following statements about pink diamonds, or about fancy coloured diamonds in general, of which pink diamonds constitute a small proportion:-

  • Through history, the extreme scarcity of pink diamonds meant that only a privileged few owned them.
  • Pink diamonds have long been regarded as a treasure of connoisseurs. Only in the past two decades, with the opening of Australia's Argyle mine, have they been produced in regular, if still relatively minute, quantities.
  • Their rarity and beauty have made them a mainstay at the world's top jewelry auctions...
  • Until recently, there had never been a sufficient number of pink diamonds in any one place to conduct an extensive study.
  • However, the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory has now received numerous pink diamonds for examination and reports, which enabled (colored diamond experts) to study a total of nearly 1,500 pink diamonds, the most exhaustive research to date on these goods.
  • While past guest speakers covered diamond cut, carat weight and clarity, King focused on color, specifically the rarity of fancy colored diamonds — saying that out of the hundreds of thousands of diamonds graded annually at the GIA Laboratory, only five percent are fancy colored.
  • Although extremely rare, fancy color diamonds come in a rainbow of colors...
  • Their rarity is the key factor why they also fetch the highest dollar figures at auction...
  • Christie's in Geneva sold a 19.66 ct Fancy pink for $377,483 per carat (about $7.4 million) in 1994. And the following year, Sotheby's sold a 7.37 ct Fancy Intense purplish pink for $818,863 per carat, or just over $6 million. These are among the highest prices ever paid for gemstones.
  • They are the most valued of stones for their extremes, from colorless to colorful," King said of the gemstones. "At auctions, the bids for colored diamonds reach the stratosphere. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat is no longer unusual. They can even reach up to $1 million per carat."
  • Naturally occurring colored diamonds, such as the Hope and Dresden, are very rare and therefore command top prices...

How Rare?

In our first twenty years of designing diamond rings, we had only owned 5 coloured diamonds, four of which were certificated as natural. Among the largest diamonds in the world only 1 out of the top 66 is pink, although there are a number of other famous pink diamonds. In recent years the Argyle mine in Australia has produced a relatively large number of fancy coloured diamonds including pink ones. Surprisingly, the increased availability of pink diamonds has increased the interest and demand for pink diamonds. Argyle now produces about 90% of the total world supply of pink diamonds.

50 - 60 Carats Per Annum
We recently heard a high profile UK jeweller state in a television interview that only 50 to 60 carats of pink diamonds are mined every year. We do not have any more accurate statistics, but we have acquired a parcel of pink diamonds with a total weight of over forty carats, and do not believe that this constitutes close to a year's production, but then again we could be wrong. Our parcel contains a large quantity of small stones, from under 1 pointers (0.01 cts.) up to the largest at 0.31 carats, and the average weight is probably around 0.02 carats per stone. We have not yet tried to count them.


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