Famous Pink Diamonds

There have been many books written about the world's largest and most famous diamonds. Because they have usually been owned by the wealthiest or most powerful people, information about them is not always easy to get. Some of the most famous diamonds have not been seen for centuries, and are believed to have been stolen, gone missing, been recut, and possibly re-appeared many years later. Any list of the world's largest and most famous diamonds can therefore never be quite accurate or up to date. We have extracted the information below about famous pink diamonds from a number of sources. We will add to it whenever we hear about other large or famous pink diamonds.

A Select List

The list of large and famous pink diamonds is necessarily quite short, because of their extreme rarity. Of the 75 largest known diamonds, only four are pink. Probably the best known is the Jennifer Lopez diamond, so it appears on our list. Another very famous pink diamond is the legendary Pink Panther Diamond from the film of the same name.

Rank Weight Name Colour Shape
16 185 Darya-i-Nur Pale Pink Rectangular
37 128.80 Star of the South Brownish Pink Cushion
74 81.83   Pink Oval
75 72 Nepal Pink Old Mine
  59.60 Steinmetz "Jewel in the Crown" Pink  
  29.78 Pink Sunrise Pink Pear
  23.56 Williamson Pink Round
  20 Hortensia Pink Kite
  5 - 6 Jennifer Lopez Pink Octagon

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